What is CDN?

Server RoomCDN is a “Content Delivery Network.” These networks allow for much faster response times by co-locating website content in multiple places, usually around the country they offer services in or in some cases even globally.

What does CDN do for you?

CDN allows content management systems like WordPress to display websites very quickly, far more efficiently than if only serving requests from a single server. Essentially it takes far less time for the pages to load, and thus improving upon the user experience on websites.

Many consumers will not know what CDN is because it used to be something only used on incredibly high volume sites, and pricing didn’t make the service easily accessible. Recently however, a large number of companies have begun building inexpensive and efficient CDN’s that are available and effective for the average website.

That said, THC is finishing up testing via CloudFlare CDN for most of its current clientele and so far the testing has been incredibly promising. Website security and performance are far better than before and to date no problems have come up on tests.

I would say that most of the THC clientele can look forward to benefiting from CDN within the month.

If you’re interested in website hosting through THC, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 469-287-6860.

-Tony Hunt

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