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A little tech-ness from Tony

Tony gives a few pointers on protecting your workstations.

A couple quick lessons for new bloggers…

For those people interested in being Bloggers…beginning a blog…writing online…you might want to check this out.

What is CDN?

CDN is a “Content Delivery Network.” These networks allow for much faster response times by co-locating website content in multiple places, usually around the country they offer services in or in some cases even globally.

Google Analytics Update

Just a heads up. Apparently the revamp of Google Analytics does not feature automatically scheduled reports via email for clients yet. Currently the system is still letting me schedule reports through the old version so I will continue using that until this gets disabled as well. If you haven’t received your report email recently and would like an update, shoot …

Don’t be scared, it’s just Google

Sometimes people crying because their info is public & online via Google just make my arse twitch. How do you think it got there?!

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