Welcome and thank you for visiting! Coming here means you’re looking for solutions, and we here at THC provide them. It’s our goal to help you make your projects and endeavors a success with an experienced and reassuring hand.

Solutions are ready to be custom-tailored to suit your needs, and more importantly – your budget. Our primary mission is to provide incredibly strong business solutions that serve your business and your local economy now and well into the future.

We boast a very broad array of professional skills and over 20 years of experience in providing business and IT solutions, and it is our hope that you’ll consider us for your next project.

General Consulting

Does your company need an IT professional occasionally, or more importantly, someone with loads of experience in building IT infrastructures from the ground up? We field and manage an large number of important IT projects for our clients. From facilitating software think-tanks to finding the best applications for your business needs to general computer training and even process improvement, THC has an incredible track record for providing its client with enterprise-level solutions for a vast array or processes.

Compliance and Risk Assessment

You may have heard this, “Compliance is King.” Lots of businesses are currently under the auspices of HIPPA and/or PCI compliance. We take the headache out of compliance by making sure you are compliant ahead of the game. We offer competitive Risk Analyses and many more enhanced services to make sure your organization’s compliance needs are met!

Enterprise Storage

As a leading provider of ZFS based storage solutions, we can provide complete storage options for any on-premise or cloud data storage project. SanAppTX (Synaptic Cloud) has implemented solutions for many enterprises with substantial storage needs where ZFS based solutions are a better architecture, more scalable and lower cost. With Synaptic Cloud you have immediate access to a team that is here to support your needs today and into the future. From 30TB to 50 Petabytes, we can not only handle your storage needs, we can do so at a fraction of what the competition bids.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise software packages built specifically to manage all facets of your company’s processes. ERP implementations under our care are smooth and efficient, well-planned and on-time. Whether your company just needs a few tweaks or a full accounting/billing/inventory system, we can help you develop the workflows and processes that will make your business thrive.

Hosting & Email Provisioning

Incredibly affordable hosting that is easy on the budget. We offer dedicated web & email hosting with the best and most reliable data centers and incredibly competitive rates and production capabilities to scale with any operation. From a simple Shared Server, to Enterprise-level Cloud Arrays, we have the hosting and online communication tools your business needs. We can service and customize an email system for every need, large or small, that will allow your company to truly grow and communicate reliably well into the future, and we can can usually beat anyone else’s price when it comes to bang for the buck!

Website/Application Design & Development

THC provides professional web and app development services geared to augment your business and keep you competitive now and in the future. We can provide any web application and design needs your business may have, for a small landing page to complex mobile applications.

REAL Search Engine Optimization & Reputation Management

SEO is a complex monster that very few businesses are equipped to tackle on their own. Worse still, there are TONS of services out there that do not offer to provide realistic relevancy for your business. Our method is proven to work and based on relevancy and content generation rather than back-linking and keyword forging.

“The Internet Never Forgets.” It’s true, so you you want to make sure you business has the tools necessary to address opportunities before they stop being opportunities. If your business provides services to a competitive local market, you definitely want to sit down with us for a review. We can guarantee tangible results in helping build your business’ reputation as well as make sure your business stays as competitive and responsive as it can be.

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